Gel cicatrizzante antibatterico



Bactocare has been formulated to cleanse and create, through a barrier effect, the conditions for rapid healing. It is composed of natural substances capable of hindering the proliferation of microorganisms and facilitating the healing process without causing burning. Cleanses and promotes skin healing, accelerating the healing of superficial wounds, abrasions, burns (prevents blisters), burns, ulcers, traumatic and post-surgical wounds, post-traumatic ulcers, pressure sores, folliculitis, impetigo and perionypsis. Medical Device Class II B
  • Wash your hands before use.
  • Clean the skin well before applying the product.
  • Spread a small amount of Bactocare evenly on the affected area.
  • If necessary repeat the application several times a day.

    The product can be used for long periods of treatment.

Composizione: aqua, carbomer, hydrogen peroxide, xantham gum, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate coplymer, sodium hydroxide, squalane, sodium hyaluronate, glycine, polysorbate 60, sorbitan isostearate, oxyquinoline sulfate.

Packaging30 ml airless tube

Hydrogen peroxide 3%

greater spectrum of action on pathogenic bacteria.

Hyaluronic acid 0,2%

promotes tissue repair processes.


Thanks to its ability to release m / M concentrations of controlled-release hydrogen peroxide Bactocare is not histological.


    EFFECTIVENESS Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic substance effective against most pathogenic microorganisms. Pharmacological studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Gram bacteria + Gram bacteria -, fungi, virus. No bacteria are known either pathogenic fungi that develop resistance to hydrogen peroxide broad spectrum of action on pathogens


    Hydrogen peroxide simulates most of the benefits obtained from hyperbaric oxygen thanks to the release of molecular O2. Oxygen determines the proliferation of endothelial cells and, therefore, a neovascularization of the tissues


    Hyaluronic acid is able to induce proliferation endothelial cells and to influence their function by binding to the ICAM-1 receptor, capable in turn of stimulating the production of collagen


Apply a small amount of gel evenly, two / three times during the day

BACTOCARE can also be used to replace the common hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds

tissue repair processes are enhanced by the presence of hyaluronic acid


specific mediators of reparative processes (CD44, ICAMM, RHAMM)


hydration of injured tissues by promoting cell migration


la crescita di microrganismi patogeni


angiogenesis with improvement of the local microcirculation